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Solutions to Simplify Billing

Training and Other Services


At ETS, we take a personal approach to our training and implementation. If you are a new customer, we will ensure that every user receives proper training on the software and is given access to all support resources, including customer service.

ETS will assist you during your first billing and will follow up to ensure a successful 835 remittance file import, to complete the full cycle.

We also provide ongoing training for existing customers. This is especially helpful if an agency has a new hire, or simply needs a refresher on billing features or processing.


Phone, email and virtual support for new and existing users. 

As a small business, ETS takes time to develop relationships with each customer to guarantee that their individual needs are met.


ETS consistently expands and improves its technology to meet the evolving needs of our users. If there is a state mandate, ETS ensures that all the requirements are met. The upgrades will be ready as of the effective date of the mandate. ALL upgrades are HIPAA compliant.