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Training and Other Services


With ETS, we take a personal approach to our training and implementation. If you are a new customer, we will take the time to ensure everyone with a username is trained on the software and knows who to contact with any concerns.

ETS will be onsite to help you through your first billing cycle, and come back again to ensure you can import your 835 remittance file and everything is working as it should.

We also provide ongoing training for existing customers. If our agencies have a new hire, or they simply would like additional training, we are available to come onsite or train in our Acton office. Crystal Reports training is also available for existing customers who would like to make the most of ETS's software reporting ability.


Onsite, phone, and email support for new and existing users. 

As a small business, ETS staff will take time to develop relationships with each customer and ensure their needs are met. When you call during business hours, you will likely get Mary on the phone and she can track down the support you need.  

User Meetings and Web Events

ETS provides ongoing support at our Acton Office during user meetings, and offers Web Events and training to address federally mandated changes or upgrades, for example, the One Care Rollout, or ICD10 training.


ETS continuously expands and improves our technology to meet the changing needs of our users.