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Service Bureau for Medicaid Billing

calculatorLet ETS take care of the billing for you. Service Bureau is available for all Medicaid program billing as well as Consumer Payroll. 

Medicaid Program Billing

Following up on unpaid claims and filing for any necessary waivers can be time consuming and frustrating. Our tenured billing staff know how to get agencies paid on time. Service Bureau is available for all Medicaid program billing and consumer payroll.

Many agencies find dealing with MassHealth challenging and turn to ETS to do their billing for them. You never have to worry about whether your billing will get done due to vacation time or staff turnover at your agency. At ETS we submit billing weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly to best suit your agency’s needs. The goal is to get billing submitted accurately so not to interrupt cash flow.

We take time to:

  • Verify all billing information sent to us before submitting to MassHealth
  • Balance payments
  • Communicate denials and other issues to the provider
  • Correct errors and resubmit payments
  • Also, as part of the service bureau, at fiscal yearend we can supply you with information needed for your audits so you don’t have to go back through all of your reports.

We have spent many years improving our internal controls so that nothing is ever forgotten. If you haven’t yet submitted your billing to us, we'll follow up with you to make sure it gets submitted in a timely fashion.

835 Remittance File

Each week we receive an 835 from MassHealth which we parse out for each provider and upload to our secure pickup site. The providers can then download at their convenience. As we know, billing is always changing and so are error codes. We keep an updated list of all the HIPAA error codes and the corresponding MassHealth error codes and make that list available to providers.

90 Day Waivers

We have helped many agencies recover funds by submitting 90 day waivers to MassHealth, and on the rare occasion, submitting claims for final appeal with great success. In the past year alone, we helped an agency recover over $500,000 in funds.

Customer Support

ETS is a small business and we take the time to develop relationships with each customer to ensure their needs are met. When you call you will most likely get Mary on the phone and she is great at asking the right questions to assist in any issues you may be having.