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Unlock Your Revenue Potential With Our Expert Billing Solutions

Billing Overview

ETS provides billing services exclusively for human services agencies and non-profit organizations. Our two featured products offer your organization access to the funding that keeps your programming supported: 

Service Bureau

We understand that managing billing can be challenging for many of the agencies we support. As billing errors can significantly disrupt their cash flow, it can be costly to their business. Thus, we offer our Service Bureau staff's expertise to help these agencies submit billing and reconcile payments for all programs.

Eligibility Software

If your agency handles billing in-house, our ETS software can help simplify the entire process for you, from the creation of 837 batch files of your attendance records all the way to importing 835 payment files for final reconciliation.  This comprehensive method of billing not only saves you time but also eliminates the risk of costly data processing errors.

Our service bureau customers receive payment reconciliation, rejection correction, and resubmission services. We also perform regular eligibility checks to catch and reduce rejections quickly.

We offer billing services for: