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Unlock Your Revenue Potential With Our Expert Billing Solutions

Adult Foster Care

Our AFC Billing solution allows agencies to submit batch files to MassHealth, One Cares and SCOs.

Our AFC software will track:

  • Respite days
  • Medical and Non-Medical LOA
  • Assessments
  • Ordering and Referring Physicians
  • PA's

Agencies using ETS's software can easily update necessary consumer information and run built-in reports, which are tailored to the Adult Foster Care community's needs. Additional custom reports are also available upon request.

Service Bureau

For agencies that do not have the onsite resources or expertise to do their own billing, AFC billing can also be managed by ETS through our Service Bureau. We check eligibility regularly, reconcile payments and process any rejections or waivers as needed. Our mission is to make sure that your cash flow remains uninterrupted.