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Adult Foster Care

calculator-fingers-penOur AFC Billing solution allows agencies to submit batch files to MassHealth or other providers for payment.

Our AFC software will track:

  • Respite days
  • Medical and Non-Medical LOA
  • Assessments
  • Ordering and Referring Physicians

Agencies using ETS's software can easily update consumer information and create custom reports.  Built in reports are specific to the Adult Foster Care community's needs.

Once attendance is entered, complete the billing cycle by uploading your 837 file to MassHealth. The software will track rejections which can be resubmitted directly through the software without having to enter the claim again.

We parse out our 835 files for customer to pick up weekly at a secure site. These files can be imported directly into the ETS software.

As with Dayhab billing, ETS can process AFC billing through our Service Bureau, for agencies without onsite billing support. Our Service Bureau has the expertise needed to recover unpaid claims, even if they are over 90 days. If you are an agency looking to recover funds, please call for a consultation.