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ETS Services Overview

laptop-and-grid-notebookEconomised Time Services, Inc. can support your agency with our Medicaid Program Billing and Consumer Payroll support services.

Our service bureau submits dozens of files for payment every week. Our customers range in size from small programs with as few as four consumers to programs with hundreds of consumers.

We are here to support our customers and the human service industry. State mandated changes are typically what drives our trainings, upgrades and user groups.

Mass Health

Since we also do the billing and payoll for so many agencies in Massachusetts through our Service Bureau, we must stay on top of changes. Therefore, we have been a beta tester for Mass Health for many years. Staying on top of changes and being involved in new programs with the state allows us to ensure our software is current and upgrades are available as needed.

We have over 20 years’ experience billing MassHealth and work closely with their EDI team whenever there are upcoming federal changes. As part of our ongoing service to providers using our software we do all testing with MassHealth and any other payers and assist them as they are setting up new providers or payers. If MassHealth calls you about testing all you have to say to them is 'we are an ETS customer' and they know that testing will be done and done correctly.