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Solutions to Simplify Billing

Services Overview

ETS offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline your Medicaid billing processes, optimize revenue and provide top-tier training to your team.

Service Bureau for Medicaid Billing

Service Bureau, is a cutting-edge softare solution tailored specifically for Medicaid billing. With Service Bureau, you can simplify complex billing procedures, reduce errors, and expedite claims.

Revenue Research and Recovery

Maximize your revenue potential with our Revenue Research and Recovery services. Our experienced team conducts thorough analyses to recover unpaid claims and provide data to help your agency recoup funds.


With ETS, we take a personal approach to our training and implementation.

If you are a new customer, we will ensure that every user is trained on the software and knows who to contact in case of any concerns. ETS will assist you during your first billing cycle and ensure proper importing of your 835 remittance file.

We offer ongoing training for our existing customers. If our agencies have new or current employees who need additional guidance, we can provide on-site or virtually host training sessions.


We offer phone and email support, as well as virtual consultations, for both new and existing users.

As a small business, ETS staff takes the time to build relationships with each customer to guarantee their needs are met.


ETS consistently enhances and expands our technology to meet the evolving needs of users.